High-quality services for our clients.

InfoPower always aims to provide high-level services to the customers so that they can make the most of the systems they are installing and implementing, allowing the customer to have accurate and timely information and at the same time increase personel’s productivity and efficiency and at the same time to save time and money.

Infopower is providing the following services:

Detailed Requirements Analysis
Integrated Systems Design
Installation and Customized Implementation
Installation and configuration of specialized Time Attendance & Access Control Hardware)
Software and Hardware Training ( Administrators, Key-Users, Users)
Consulting Service integrating the rendered solutions to the company’s operating procedures and their interconnection with other applications and systems.
Maintenance of Applications and Equipment for Time Attendance & Access Control.
Phone & Remote Customer Support at Advisory and Expert Level.
Flexible Pre-Purchase Support Time, which covers on-site presence of technical consultants to the client on an annual basis.
Project Management)
Consulting Services in the field of Human Resources Management and Physical Security Systems.

Remote Customer Support

INFOPOWER provides instant and secured remote support services via Internet connection without complicated configuration and settings.

That’s how our helpdesk provides effective and immediate support.


Our recommended remote support connection are characterized by maximum security as only you give us access to your system/computer each time, since you need to provides us a new and different password of a program that does not installed on your computer after the connection.
You may provide us full access or limited access to the windows of the apps you want us to help.
You may watch and record the video of the steps we will make.
We can share with you our screen and provide training or specific information.
Our service is fully compatible without requiring any changes to your system/computer, installation and setup in Firewall hardware/software system etc.

Remote Support

Remote support application link:
Download TeamViewer QuickSupport

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