Access Control


Access MaSter, part of HRMaSter family of applications, is the software of an integrated solution designed to fully meet the needs of a business or organization in the field of security in controlling the access of individuals (workers and visitors) and vehicles to classified sites.

It fully cooperates with the appropriate equipment (Control Units and Card Readers installed in classified segments (central building entrances, Computer Rooms, workshops, warehouses, high security areas etc.), taking control and monitoring of the access points, with full and detailed reference, if not only the valid accesses, but also any failed access attempt by an unauthorized person.

The system works with Automatic Gates and Barriers that control pedestrians and vehicles.

Access MaSter is fully compatible with Time MaSter – employee attendance and management system – helping companies and organizations that want to combine access control and timing to achieve high-level functionality as well as economies of scale , since no separate equipment for each system is required.

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