Shift Management


RosterMaSter, part of the HRMaSter applications family, is the software of an integrated system designed to fully meet the needs of the Personnel Office of a company or organization as far as employee scheduling and shift planning is concerned (Rostering – Shift Management )

Using all the necessary information provided by the user (staff needs per department, work position and shift, employee preferences, labor laws etc.), Roster Master can automatically create the shift schedule that each employee will follow for a short time, ie the shift hours and specific position that he/she will work for each day and the specific tasks he/she will have to perform.

Roster MaSter works closely with Time MaSter employee attendance and management system, helping companies and organizations that want to combine scheduling and timing, to achieve a high level of functionality and economics of scale, since they have the ability to perform the above functions in a single system.

With the Roster MaSter‘s help, every business can achieve greater efficiency in the operation of its Personnel Office, greater time saving and direct and reliable management feedback.

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