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Personnel Management (Personnel Master)

Personnel MaSter, part of the HR MaSter family of applications, as a software facilitates the daily work of HR departments and it is also essential to an effective employee management.

Personnel Master includes the following subsystems:

Personnel Records

Through this subsystem, it is possible to maintain all necessary fixed and variable elements that constitute the employee’s records (CV data, Administrative and Labor data, training data of the employee within the company, Medical information, etc.). It is also possible to issue all necessary reports and statistical data.

Company Regulations

Through this subsystem, there is the possibility of archiving and monitoring all working regulations that the company has established, for all the work issues.

Company Vehicles

Through this subsystem, it is possible to monitor all vehicles of the company, insurance coverage of vehicles, operating costs, repairs and maintenance, etc.

Company Property

Through this subsystem, it is possible to maintain all necessary data for all types of equipment that have been charged to employees of the company (e.g. desktop computers, notebooks, mobile phones, keys, cards, uniforms, etc.), so that they can use them to carry out their daily work.

This subsystem can also be used to monitor variation of equipment that an employee should return to the company on resignation or dismissal.

Accidents – Injuries

Through this subsystem, it is possible to monitor accidents and injuries that took place in the workplace and to maintain all the necessary information for the authorities.

It can be an ideal tool for the company’s Health & Safety officers, in order to be able to identify the working areas and tome zones of high-risk, with the ultimate aim of taking all the necessary action to pervert or minimize possibility of any accident or injury in workplace.

Company Events

Through this subsystem, it is possible to monitor any kind of events organized by the company or events of other entities with employees’ participation, while maintaining all necessary information.

It can be an appropriate tool for the HR executives and Marketing departments, aiming at the complete organization and the fullest financial monitoring of the events.

Personnel Training

Through this subsystem, there is the possibility of organizing and monitoring seminars for staff training, evaluation of these seminars by the trainees, evaluation of trainees and trainers as well as monitoring cost of the seminars.

This is an appropriate tool for managers of the training personnel department of a company or organization, to identify the educational needs of employees and the complete and more effective planning of educational seminars (trainers’ selection, employee participations, content and training program specification, arrangement of all necessary resources, etc.).


This subsystem can cover all the possibilities of organizing and monitoring all phases of recruitment process of new employees, such as maintaining CVS, announcements published by the company in various media and CVS corresponding to these ads for specific positions, evaluation of CVS combined with job position’s requirements, final proposal for selection of candidates.

This is an appropriate tool for HR executives, making them both in selecting the most qualified candidates for specific position, as well as drawing conclusions about the effectiveness of publishing ads per media, maintaining CVS for future needs etc.

Job & Personnel Appraisal

This subsystem provides maintaining and monitoring feature of employees’ evaluation, such as job position appraisal, evaluation forms’ creation for different groups, archiving evaluations results, and publication of evaluation statistics and determination of training needs.

This subsystem is an appropriate tool for personnel management of company or an organization that engages in the evaluation of staff (directors, supervisors, evaluation consultants, etc.), ensuring a complete and fair evaluation method, based on pre-defined criteria and objectives, the possibility of comparing requirements of each job position with its skills, as well as the determination of employees’ training needs, with a view to develop their professional status.

Expense Reports

This subsystem covers the needs of management and monitoring business trips of the company’s employees, advances given for expenses, final adjustment and any use of corporate credit cards etc.

A valuable tool for HR or Financial executives of the company involved in monitoring of staff costs relating to projects, Business trips etc, aiming at the full, easy and efficient management of these costs, leading to better decisions regarding the cost accounting of projects, employees, partners etc.

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